Follow the Cowled Man

Check out the ruined shelves
(must have extinguished the shelves)

Use the clothes hanger to remove the nail

Use the nail to widen the wall joint

To earn the Unconventional Thinker Achievement you
must use the nail to widen the joint, not the hanger

Insert the shelf into the wide wall joint

Use the statue
(must have inserted the shelf into the wide wall joint)
(must have ignited the tapestry)

Choose the level of difficulty

To earn the Master Achievement you must accept the
challenge (your timing needs to be slightly better)

Rock the statue back and forth
(quickly rock the other way at the end of each movement)

To earn the Acrobat Achievement you need to topple
the statue without being told to find your rhythm

Extinguish the Shelves

This free video game walkthrough is for the PC

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Geheimakte 3 Komplettloesung
Get Out of the Church