Follow An-Nasir Past the Alley

Leave the cell

Go back outside

Follow the narrow alleyway to the left
(must have freed An-Nasir)

Read the sign on the wall

Use the cell phone with the sign on the wall
(using the phone with the bench also works)

Pick up the fish offal

Walk back down

Walk down to the marketplace

Put some fish guts into iron mask

Use the iron mask with fish to catch the cat

Follow the wide alleyway to the left

Go back inside

Enter the cell

Use some of the fish guts with An-Nasir

Use the wooden bucket with water to wake An-Nasir
(must have used the fish offal with An-Nasir)
(must have captured the cat)

Release the captured cat through any passage

Follow the cat through the far passage

Free An-Nasir

This free video game walkthrough is for the PC

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