Cross the Collapsed Bridge

Pick up the wooden crate

Press the button

Put the wooden crate into the elevator shaft

Press the button again

Press the button one more time

Check out the smashed wooden crate

Proceed through the tunnel

Use the hammer to crush the clod of dirt

Use the pipe wrench to unscrew the pressure gun

Load the fine red sand into the pressure gun

Attach the pressure gun with paint to the high pressure cleaner

Insert the pressure gun into the crevice

Turn on the high pressure cleaner

Return to the elevator

Press the button

Enter the elevator

Leave the lot

Go to lot D

Attach the chain to the hammer

Lower the chain with hammer into the color marking
(must have blasted red sand through the crevice)

Leave the lot

Return to lot C

Enter the elevator

Proceed through the tunnel

Swing across on the chain

Find a Way Underground

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