This spoiler-free step-by-step Secret Files 3 Walkthrough is a comprehensive easy-to-follow illustrated guide with achievements

Task oriented pages, comments and links to items that may have been overlooked allow you to quickly find what you're looking for

Achievements are not rewarded until the end of the game and useful tips throughout the guide will help you collect these

This is the first guide to work out the achievement requirements

Using the Walkthrough

Steps starting with the word "Look" means to right click the item while all other steps require left clicking the item

A handful of (marked) optional steps are included to show useful information or to clarify why some steps are performed

This free video game walkthrough is for the PC

Secret Files 3 Walkthrough
Secret Files 3 Guide
Secret Files 3 Hints
Secret Files 3 Cheats
Secret Files 3 FAQ
Secret Files 3 Soluce
Geheimakte 3 Komplettloesung
Secret Files 3 The Archimedes Code Walkthrough
The Archimedes Code Walkthrough