Deal with the Guards

Pick up the torture devices

Go back outside

Use the mouth spreader to open the shop

Look at the henbane

Use the sword to cut a hole in the window
(using the poker also works)

Hang the net on the hooks

Climb onto the roof

Sprinkle some salt on the clothes line
(cutting the line with the sword also works)

Climb back down the net

Use the sword to cut the clothes line

Climb onto the roof

Tie the clothes line to the poker

Throw the poker with clothes line at the chimney

Climb up to the chimney

Drop the henbane down the chimney
(must have used the sword to cut a hole in the window)

Climb down the roof

Pick up the clothes line

Climb back down the net

Go back inside

Get Into the Prison

This free video game walkthrough is for the PC

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